DPS Games is the new name of Wargaming’s studio based in Guildford, UK.

Initially called Edge Case Games, the studio first rebranded when Wargaming bought it back in 2018. Now, Wargaming UK, as it came to be known since, is rebranding again. The new name, DPS Games, reflects how different the game currently developed by the studio is from titles from other Wargaming outfits.

At DPS Games, we still remain a proud member of the Wargaming family – intrinsically linked through infrastructure, ecosystems and community. That said, our games will be very different – and our players will be, too.”

Sean Decker, DPS head

Over the last 18 months, Wargaming UK’s headcount grew from 30 to 100. Another 40 devs support the studio from the Wargaming Sydney studio. Moreover, teams in Wargaming Paris and Wargaming Kiev are working on the art for the new game. As for the title in question, it’s not connected to any existing Wargaming’s franchises, and it’s coming out any time soon.