Every summer, the White Nights conference for game industry is preceeded by Finnish Game Day. This year is no exception.

The event will kick off on June 18, 2019, at the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg.

Professionals from Finland will meet with international partners to discuss the current state of the industry.

What is it?

Finnish Game Day is a networking event with its own trademark atmosphere of warmth and casualness. The Finnish studios will share their experiences, and companies from the CIS and Eastern Europe are welcome to explore partnership opportunities.

Besides the focus on Finland as a promising video games market, the event also covers general topics. This year, for example, the participants will discuss investment in games, specifically how venture companies select projects. A separate roundtable will be devoted to the current state of the PC game market.

What format?

Last year, Finnish Game Day changed its format. The organizers scrapped the lectures to give more time to roundtables. The formula proved successful a year ago, so the event is sticking with it in 2019.

The event will host three hour-long panel discussions. These will be divided by coffee breaks giving the participants the opportunity to network.

This year, the attendees can schedule meetings via White Nights Business Assistant system. The Consulate offers a convenient space with tables specifically for business talks.

Who will be there?

Matias Myllyrinne

Industry veteran. CEO of Remedy Entertainment for 15 years. EVP Head of Development at Wargaming.net for 3 years. Since November 2018, CEO of Redhill Games.

Markus Råmark

Founder of Playco, an investment and management consulting company focusing on game industry. In early 2000s worked at Nokia, where he was responsible for game development. Currently, CEO of game market analytics platform GameRefinery.

KooPee Hiltunen

Started his career as a game producer. Today, KooPee is head of Neogames Finland. The company tracks the state of the Finnish game industry and provides it with expertise and advice on investment strategies.

Besides the participants from Finland, roundtables will be attended by Ilya Karpinskiy (Mail.Ru Games Ventures), Anna Baidachnaya (Braavo Capital), Aleksey Savchenko (Epic Games), Evgeny Maleev (Super.com), and many others.

How to participate?

Participation is free. However, to attend Finnish Game Day, you need an invite of any level to the White Nights Conference. The venue capacity is limited to 100 spots. Apply here and wait for the invite.