Adult gaming portal Nutaku has released Nutaku Android Store. It allows users to download adult games, bypassing restrictions on Google Play.


Jeff Tremblay, Business Development Manager, Nutaku Publishing.
Source: White Nights Conference 2019, Berlin

“With a growing user base of more than 25 million registered players, and with 23% of them being Android users, we wanted to improve accessibility to the platform,” said communications manager Julie Hall.

The app is available in beta through the company’s website. Right now it offers 30 games, and another 30 will follow before the end of 2019. The app’s PC counterpart offers over 250 titles featuring mature content.

It’s not the first time that strict content guidelines has forced Nutaku to get creative. Last March, YouTube shut down the distributor’s channel without any warning, according to TechRaptor. At the same time, Nutaku’s Instagram account went under.

Despite these roadblocks, last year the portal approached a breath-taking 100 million visits a month, which is more than any non-adult gaming platform can boast.