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GOG Galaxy testing option to buy games from other stores

GOG GALAXY has started testing a new option to buy games from other stores via the GOG GALAXY launcher. As part of the internal beta, select GOG GALAXY users will be able to purchase certain “hand-picked Epic Games Store exclusive titles.”

This is coming from the GOG team directly.

“Today, we’re happy to invite the first group of gamers to test the brand new store we’re working on, and share their feedback with us,


“Decent first steps.” Despite silence on BLM, Valve does support black devs

A number of indie developers are removing their games from Steam citing Valve’s failure to address the Black Lives Matter movement. By no longer profiting from the store, these devs refuse to remain “complicit with their silence on hate” in favour of “white angry male gamers.”

While Valve has never said anything to defend itself, organiser Shawn Alexander Allen pointed out that Valve is actually quite active when it comes to supporting the black gamedev community,