South Korean mobile publisher JOYCITY has partnered with UA platform Gamelight to expand the player base of its title World War: Machines Conquest in certain regions. The main goal was to maximize the ROAS growth.

Gamelight helped publisher JOYCITY deliver 257% ROAS growth from D7 to D30 in Japan and South Korea

World War: Machines Conquest is a mobile strategy game in the WWII setting. It combines base building, where the player has to build structures, create units, and upgrade them using various resources, and real-time strategy battles.

Joycity decided to use Gamelight’s rewarded marketing platform and AI-driven solutions to reach new audiences in three specific countries: Japan, South Korea, and the UK. 

While trying to optimize metrics such as ARPU (average revenue per user) and retention rate, the campaign primarily focused on ROAS (return on ad spend) — calculated by dividing the revenue from the ad campaign by the cost of this campaign, and multiplying the number by 100%. To ensure the user base’s growth, ROAS had to increase exponentially from day 7 to day 30 of the campaign.

To meet the publisher’s goals, Gamelight utilized its AI algorithm in combination with open targeting, which is about targeting the widest possible audience without adding any interests, demographics, or behaviors. This approach made it possible to intake large amounts of data, expanding the reach of new untapped audiences and leading to more precise targeting.

The following results were achieved during the campaign:

  • Delivered a ROAS day 7 to day 30 growth of 257.6% in Japan and South Korea;
  • D7 to D30 growth in the UK was 230.2%.

By using its algorithm, Gamelight also managed to find the users most likely to download and engage with World War: Machines Conquest from its platform. However, the exact engagement results are undisclosed.

Read the full case study here.

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