Terra Nil, a reverse city builder from Free Lives, has been successfully released on PC and mobile. On top of that, the studio also launched great charity initiatives aimed at habitat preservation and tree planting.

Terra Nil has been played by 300k people in the first week since launch

Devolver Digital shared the news on Twitter, saying that Terra Nil has already been played by 300,000 people since its launch on March 28.

“It barely feels real and all we can say is that we hope you enjoyed your time on Terra Nil,” Free Lives noted, thanking fans for their support.

The game’s sales, however, remain undisclosed. Terra Nil launched on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store, as well as iOS and Android, where it is exclusively available for Netflix subscribers. So it in unclear how many of the 300,000 players have actually purchased the cozy city builder.

In addition to sharing launch numbers, Free Lives also announced that it will be donating 8% of profits to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, a South African non-profit organization dedicated to preserving habitat and biodiversity and protecting endangered species. And through its partnership with Tree-Nation, the studio has already helped plant 45,528 real trees around the world.

Free Lives and Terra Nil players help plant 45k trees

Terra Nil received positive reviews from critics, with an average Metascore of 82/100 (PC) and 84/100 (iOS). It currently has an 83% rating on Steam based on over 1,600 user reviews. According to SteamDB, the game also peaked at 5,916 concurrent players.

Free Lives plans to keep developing Terra Nil and release new content for the game in the future. The studio will also release two titles later this year, roguelike brawler Stick It to the Stickman and foot-kicking FPS Anger Foot. Both will also be published by Devolver Digital.

For more information about Terra Nil, its gameplay mechanics, and development, read Game Wolrd Observer’s interview with Free Lives producer Ruan Rothmann.

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