Hogwarts Legacy is on its way to huge commercial success. The game is already showing impressive numbers on Steam, though it hasn’t been officially released yet.

Hogwarts Legacy hits 400k peak concurrent players on Steam, days before launch

Avalanche Software-developed action RPG will only come out on February 10, but those who purchased the deluxe edition had the opportunity to try Hogwarts Legacy 72 hours earlier. So SteamDB has already started tracking player activity.

At the moment of writing, the game peaked at 395,976 concurrent players on Steam. The number continues to grow, meaning that the all-time peak is yet to be set.

Hogwarts Legacy also set a new Twitch record for single-player games. According to Twitch Tracker, it reached 1.25 million viewers, breaking Cyberpunk 2077’s previous record of 1.14 million viewers. Other most viewed single-player titles include Elden Ring (910k), Resident Evil Village (655k), and Dying Light 2 (620k).

Despite the recent controversy online, Hogwarts Legacy received positive reviews from critics on Metacritic, with average scores ranging from 83/100 (PC) to 89/100 (Xbox Series X). Most players also seem to be hyped about the game, as it broke into Steam’s top sellers chart in the weeks leading up to its launch. Hogwarts Legacy is currently the best-selling game on the platform, so it is intriguing to see the official sales figures.

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