SteamDB has released the list of the highest-rated Steam games of 2022, based on its own rating algorithm. The top 10 includes titles like Vampire Survivors, Neon White, and PowerWash Simulator.

Vampire Survivors is the highest-rated Steam game of 2022

Every year, SteamDB publishes the top rated Steam games. In 2022, it is topped by smash indie hit Vampire Survivors, which has a 97.58% rating based on over 163k user reviews.

It is followed by Stray and God of War. Neon White is in 6th place, Signalis is in 46th, Cult of the Lamb is in 84th, Citizen Sleeper is in 129th, and Elden Ring is in 147th. The full list can be found on SteamDB.

How does SteamDB's rating algorithm work?

  • Since 2017, the platform has been using a formula that follows two simple rules: 1) the more reviews a game has, the more certain SteamDB is that its score is correct; 2) all ratings should be biased towards the average rating (50%).
  • “For every 10x the reviews we have, we should be 2x more certain that the rating is correct,” the explanation reads.
  • For example, if a game has less than 10 reviews, SteamDB is 100% uncertain about what its rating should be. But for a game with 100 reviews, of which 90% are positive, SteamDB is 75% certain and 25% uncertain that its score is correct.
  • The final rating in this case is calculated like this: 75% * 90% (game’s rating on Steam) + 25% * 50% (average rating) = 80%.

Here are the top 10 Steam games of 2022:

  • Vampire Survivors — a roguelite / bullet hell / idle survival / arguably the most addictive game 0f 2022 made by Italian developer Luca Galante;
  • Stray — a cyberpunk adventure game from BlueTwelve Studio that captivated millions of players with its feline protagonist;
  • God of War — the first game about Kratos’ Norse adventures and the long-awaited PC version of one of Sony’s best-selling first-party titles of all time;
  • PowerWash Simulator — FuturLab-developed simulation game that is loved by PC and Xbox players for its chill vibes and gameplay;
  • Entropy : Zero 2 — a free mod for Half-Life 2 that allows players to take on the role of a Combine soldier on their mission to capture Dr. Judith Mossman;
  • Neon White — an ingenious first-person parkour shooter that gives all players a unique opportunity to become a crazy demon-hunting speedrunner;
  • Persona 5 Royal — a PC version of one of the highest-rated JRPGs of all time that has sold millions of units globally since its original launch on PlayStation in 2016;
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered — another PC port of the PlayStation hit game, which is in line with Sony’s expansion strategy;
  • Dorfromantik — a relaxing city builder from Toukana Interactive that came out in Early Access last and had its full release on April 28, 2022;
  • Brotato — a fast-paced roguelite arena shooter from Thomas Gervraud aka Blobfish.

Top Steam games of 2022 by user score

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator became the top Steam game of 2021. The leaders of previous years include Hades (2020), People Playground (2019), RimWorld (2018), Slime Rancher (2017), Stardew Valley (2016), (2015), The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (2014), The Wolf Among Us (2013), and Dishonored (2012).

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