Halo Infinite has lost 97% of its peak audience on Steam since its launch, currently peaking at less than 8k concurrent players on Steam. It is less than the number of The Master Chief Collection players.

According to SteamDB, Halo Infinite peaked at 7842 concurrent players on April 13, which is a tragic downfall compared to its all-time peak of 272,586 concurrent players on Steam.

In contrast, Halo: The Master Chief Collection had 9123 peak concurrent players yesterday. What makes this situation even more dramatic is that Infinite’s multiplayer mode is free-to-play, while The Master Chief Collection, a compilation of previous parts of the franchise, is a premium game.

Halo Infinite came out on November 15, 2021. Despite the successful launch, the game started to lose its audience soon, with players complaining about the lack of content and game modes like The Forge.

343 Industries, however, acknowledged the issues. The studio recently announced Halo Infinite’s second season featuring new maps, events, and cosmetics.

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