Epic Games has closed its fundraiser for humanitarian aid in Ukraine after two weeks. The company raised more than $140 million from Fortnite revenue during the period.

On April 4, Epic Games shared the final sum on Twitter, thanking all players who joined the initiative. Xbox also contributed to the fundraiser, donating all the Fortnite proceeds from the Microsoft store during the last two weeks.

All this money will go to Direct Relief, UNICEF, UN World Food Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and World Central Kitchen, which provide “emergency aid, including health support, food and clean water, essential supplies, legal aid, and shelter.”

Epic Games launched the initiative on March 20, raising $36 million in the first 24 hours. Players who have been buying Fortnite cosmetics and making other in-game purchases brought the sum to $100 million in nine days. The fundraiser is now closed at $144 million.

Dozens of companies have already donated millions of dollars in support of the people of Ukraine. For example, Humble Bundle raised over $20 million, and Necrosoft Games collected $6.3 million with its itch.io bundle.

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