Elden Ring has already peaked at more than 700k concurrent players on Steam in the first hours since its launch. FromSoftware’s latest game, however, received a lot of negative reviews from players due to its technical issues.

11 hours ago, Elden Ring peaked at 764,835 concurrent players on Steam (via SteamDB). In comparison, the studio’s previous titles, Dark Souls 3 and Sekio: Shadows Die Twice, attracted a maximum of 130k and 125k concurrent players respectively.

These numbers made Elden Ring the 7th most played game on Steam by concurrent users, outshining games like Valheim (502k), Terraria (489k), and Fallout 4 (472k). PUBG, which peaked at 3.2 million concurrent players, remains the leader.

Elden Ring is now also the second biggest launch among single-player games on Steam, right behind Cyberpunk 2077 (1.05 million).

Despite all the hype, FromSoftware’s new game was met with mixed reviews from players, with only 59% of user reviews being positive. A lot of them are frustrated with the title’s technical issues, including framerate drops and stutters.

“Struggling to maintain 60FPS/1080p on a 3080, massive stuttering and drops to the mid 20s, crashed 4 times within 2 hours of game time, 60 FPS cap, and no ultrawide support,” one user wrote on Steam.

As previously reported by Digital Foundry, “it’s a bit of a mixed bag for Elden Ring right now on all platforms.” The team cited stutters on PC of up to 250 milliseconds, as well as the game being not able to hold a stable 60 FPS on consoles among the most visible problems.

Elden Ring, however, was praised by critics across the globe. The game received an average score between 95 and 97 on Metacritic, which made it the highest-rated FromSoftware game ever.

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