CD Projekt has announced that it came to an agreement with investors to settle a class-action lawsuit over Cyberpunk 2077’s controversial launch. It also means that the company doesn’t admit any responsibility on its part.

On January 27, a formal stipulation and agreement of settlement were concluded between CD Projekt and its investors, the company reported on its official website. The information comes from the law firm representing the Cyberpunk 2077 creator in the US.

It is worth noting that CD Projekt can terminate this settlement, which is standard practice in class-action cases like this. The statement also reads that the “company and other defendants named in the case refuse to admit any wrongdoing.”

CD Projekt didn’t mention the final sum that will be paid to investors. However, the report from December 2017 said that it will cost the company and Colonnade Insurance S.A. only $1.85 million.

A few groups of investors have filed several lawsuits against the Polish company since the Cyberpunk 2077 launch. Four of them were united into one in May 2021, with plaintiffs accusing CD Projekt of concealing important information regarding the game’s technical issues from investors.

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