Deep Rock Galactic was added to PS+ on January 4 and managed to attract 6 million new players in the first week. It helped the studio more than double its player base.

PlayStation Plus offers its subscribers new free games every month. This service has proven itself as a good platform for indie teams, with titles like Rocket League and Fall Guys generating buzz after being added to a library.

The latter even broke PlayStation Plus’ record, attracting 17.9 million players in the first month. And Deep Rock Galactic is now also getting very popular on the platform.

According to Ghost Ship Games, the PS+ launch helped the game reach a player base of 10 million users. It is worth noting that Deep Rock Galactic sold 3 million units on Steam and Xbox, and now it is attracting even more players on PlayStation.

“The server list is absolutely packed with new players, and many players have been reaching out to us directly to tell us how much they love the game,” Ghost Ship Games CEO Soren Lundgaard said.

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op shooter about space dwarves, surviving in a procedurally generated and fully destructible environment. It was developed by a small team of 30 and published by Embracer Group’s subsidiary Coffee Stain. 

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