BAFTA is now hiring the Head of Games, looking for a strategic planner with “exceptional knowledge of the games industry.” Although the job requires a lot of responsibilities and experience, the organization offers an annual salary of about £40,000.

The job posting was spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun founder John Walker. He was confused by the salary, saying that “£40k is what Kotaku pays an entry-level staff writer.”

The list of responsibilities for the future Head of Games includes delivering the long-term Games strategy, turning the BAFTA Games Awards into a global event, attracting industry professionals and ambassadors, and producing regional networking events. A candidate also must have at least a 3-year experience in the industry.

Considering all these responsibilities and required skills, Walker went on to say that “when they’re offering a salary like this, it makes clear just how not seriously they’re taking games.”

Pocket-lint editor Mike Lowe, however, noted that charities like BAFTA have a “banded structure for roles,” citing the organization’s old job posting for Head of Films with the same annual salary.

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