launched a special bundle to raise money for Palestinian aid. The collection includes 1,000 games from indie developers.

Toadhouse Games founder Alanna Linayre put together a bundle called “The Indie Bundle For Palestinian Aid.” Besides indie games, it contains development tools, soundtracks, and assets.

It is worth noting that one title from the bundle is created by Palestinian developer Rasheed Abueideh. Liyla and The Shadows of War, tells a story of a young girl living in Gaza during the war.

The bundle is available on It has already raised over $404,615 from over 43,000 contributors. The goal is set at $500,000, with four days remaining.

This initiative is not the first time when the game industry decided to pay attention to the Israel-Palestine conflict. In May, IGN publicly supported Palestine, publishing a list of charities to support Palestinians and putting the country’s flag on its logo. Later on, the post has been deleted leading to IGN staff writing an open letter to their parent company.

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