Reach3 Insights and Lenovo have shared the results of their research study on the experience and behavior of women gamers. The most important finding is probably that almost 60% of female players prefer to hide their gender and identity in online games.

The study is based on a survey of 900 women from China, Germany, and the US, as well as 98 American men.

Key findings from the study

  • 77% of women admitted to dealing with at least one form of online harassment or discrimination based on their gender. The most popular answers include judgments of skills (70%), gatekeeping (65%), and patronizing comments (50%).
  • 44% of respondents also said that they received different relationship asks during their gaming sessions.
  • That’s why 59% of women use male or non-gendered identities when playing online. “We try to hide what we are so people don’t flirt with us, send us stuff, send us messages we really don’t want, or pictures,” one respondent said (via
  • The survey showed that women are playing the same games as men. The most popular genres are competitive-style titles (88%), action/survival games (75%), and shooters (66%).
  • Interestingly, most respondents are satisfied with the representation of women in video games. 80% of women like how female characters are depicted in AAA titles, and 91% of respondents are satisfied with the representation of women in indie games.
  • 71% of participants also said that they want gaming ads to be more inclusive.

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