Promethean AI is a new technology developed by Naughty Dog’s former technical art director. It is the world’s first artificial intelligence that “works together with artists, assists them in the process of building virtual worlds.”

Gamasutra paid attention to a video keynote released by the Promethean AI team a few weeks ago. In the 40-minute clip, they detail how this technology will make the world-building process easier.

Andrew Maximov, former technical art director at Naughty Dog, is the person behind the project. He introduced Promethean AI soon after leaving the studio in 2018. He hopes that this technology will bring the focus back on “creativity, variety and team empowerment.”

“Our new keynote outlines the future of game world production with Artificial Intelligence, introduces an accessible concept of levels (like in self-driving cars) to describe the industry transition to AI-assisted world-building, demonstrates a whole slew of beautiful examples as well as state of the art content management and organization tools,” Maximov says.

Promethean AI can help in creating different environments, as artificial intelligence takes on a lot of mundane and non-creative work. Artists can use contextual commands that suggest assets only suitable for a given scenario. There is now also a free public beta version of the technology.

You can see the full keynote video below.

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