Microsoft has been developing a “direct browser-based solution” to bring xCloud to iOS in early 21. This is coming from the sources familiar with the matter who confided the information to The Verge.

“We absolutely will end up on iOS,” said Xbox chief Phil Spencer.

In September, xCloud was added to Game Pass on Android devices, allowing subscribers to stream games to their phones or tablets. That option has been absent from iPhone and iPad since the App Store’s guidelines prohibit cloud gaming services as they don’t allow Apple to review each game on their catalogues.

The situation might be changing. Last month, Amazon revealed its cloud gaming platform called Luna and said it would available on iPhone and iPad. The trick is that Luna is a progressive web application (PWA), a browser-based program that only looks like a native iOS app. Users will be able to download the PWA from the Luna website using a browser, and the resulting icon will link to Amazon’s cloud gaming portal. As a PWA, Luna doesn’t have to appear on the App Store, thus circumventing Apple’s App Store rules including its 30% cut.

And now, Microsoft has followed suit. We’ll see how Apple responds. Allowing xCloud to run Apple’s hardware will affect the tech giant’s revenue stream from in-game purchases, while Game Pass can be seen as a direct competitor to Apple’s own subscription service, Apple Arcade.

Microsoft is also planning to bring xCloud to Windows 10 PCs next year.