The tenth anniversary became the last for Dutch indie studio Vlambeer. The Nuclear Throne and Ridiculous Fishing developer announced its closure, but promised to release Ultrabugs anyway.


Vlambeer founders Jan Willem Nijman and Rami Ismail shared their emotions on Twitter.

“Today marks Vlambeer’s 10th anniversary, which is way longer than we could’ve ever imagined. We had a beautiful run, made incredible games, and worked with amazing people, but it is time for new things. So we’re announcing the end of Vlambeer.

According to Nijman and Ismail, it’s not sad news for them, but rather, a happy ending to a productive decade: they have already achieved the goals they set for themselves. Moreover, the founders did not even expect Vlambeer to last for so long.

As a gift to fans, Vlambeer has launched the Steam sale called “Vlambeer and Friends” and also published an unfinished prototype of FFFLOOD .

The company still plans to finish and release Ultrabugs. They are also likely to continue to upport earlier games, but the studio cannot guarantee it. One thing is certain — there will be no more new games from Vlambeer.

The founders of Vlambeer are not going to leave the industry: they will both continue to work on their individual projects, separately. In an interview with Polygon, Niiman said that he wants to devote himself to making small games like Minit, and Ismail will continue to advocate diversity in games.

Vlambeer was founded in 2010 and produced mainly arcade games. Its most famous titles include Super Crate Box, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Ridiculous FishingLuftrausers, and Nuclear Throne.