Feng Shixin, the Deputy Director of the Publications Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, spoke at ChinaJoy (July 31-August 3, 2020) about the video games industry in China.


Image credit: Daniel Ahmad

Here are the main points the official made as summarized by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

  • Feng Shixin commented on the overall positive role the domestic industry played in 2020. This includes growing revenues for Chinese gaming companies, as well as the improving quality of their products, their educational and social value.
  • Further support of healthy gaming behavior, especially among minors. The official highlighted the implementation of anti-addiction systems in games. He also said that a new real name identity system will launch in September.
  • The Chinese market is refocusing on quality over quantity, courtesy of a stricter approval process. Ideological values and traditional Chinese culture are now more actively integrated in games. Feng Shixin also announced zero tolerance policy towards gratuitous violence and vulgar content.
  • Absolute compliance with regulations is a must. Re-skinned and copy games, as well as games without approval will continue to be blocked, while penalties will be increased.

This latest announcement comes as the Chinese authorities are continuing their crackdown on unlicensed titles on the App Store. Since July 1, Apple has had to remove around 15,000 games at the request of the Chinese regulators.