Attentat 1942 is a a historically-accurate adventure about the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. When working on the title, the developers at Charles Games consulted historians at the Czech Academy of Sciences. The game came out on PC in 2017 to critical acclaim and very positive user reviews.


Attentat 1942

The mobile version of the game, however, was rejected by Google as it contains Nazi references. The title was initially blocked on Google Play on July 7th, after 6 months of porting to mobile. At that time, the developers filed an appeal. “We were surprised and filed an appeal. Quoting both the nature of our game, the fact it’s made with historians from Czech Academy of Sciences and most importantly — our USK (German authority) approval,” the develpers explain.

That, however, failed to impress Google, which rejected the game once more citing its guidelines.


Last year, Google Play similarly banned the BAFTA award-winning game My Child Lebensborn from Norwegian Sarepta Studio. The title portrays the life of the children of German soldiers and local women in Norway after World War II.

“While we agree that stores and platforms have to deal with hateful content, if reviewers took a closer look at Attentat 1942 for just a moment, they would find out we are not that. Attentat 1942 is firmly anti-fascist,” Charles Games said. “How we’re supposed to make an historically-accurate game about WW2 horrors without Nazis?” took notice of the situation and approached Google for comment. The platform is yet to respond.