Guerrilla Games, the studio behind PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, had always planned for a series of three Horizon titles. A sсript already exists for sequels to Zero Dawn.


But now it’s not just plans anymore. Following the success of the original, Sony is going ahead with the production of the sequels. According to VGC‘s source, the development of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 began soon after the first game’s launch. While Guerilla briefly considered making it another PS4 game, the sequel is now expected to arrive on Sony’s next-generation console. Remember how Sony said that DualSense’s adaptive triggers will allow players to feel the tension of their actions? “Like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow?” That could have easily been a reference to Aloy.

People familiar with the matter suggest that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is going to be much bigger in scope and offer players more freedom to explore. A co-op feature will also be implemented, wether as part of the main story or as a separate mode.

Earlier, Guerilla posted job ads suggesting the development of a certain open-world title with quests and creatures.

As for the original Horizon, its PC version is coming out this summer.