InnoGames has generated $1.1 billion in revenue over 16 years on the market. More than half of these earnings, according to the company’s execs, resulted from its transition to mobile.

Forge of Empires

First, some numbers:

  • $552 million was brought in by mobile strategy Forge of Empires, InnoGames’ most profitable title;
  • $100 million was generated by Tribal Wars, the company’s oldest game;
  • 400 developers from 30 countries work for the company;
  • 7 projects are currently in operation.

The company’s largest title, Forge of Empires, came out in 2012. It helped InnoGames transition from browser-based games to mobile.

This transition became the main driver of the company’s growth in the global market, according to CEO Hendrik Klindworth. Revenues from the mobile segment are growing at an average rate of 56% per year. Mobile games have also generated the most registrations, VentureBeat reports.

InnoGames continues to grow on mobile with regular updates and live ops. But it hasn’t abandoned browser games either. All the studio’s games support the cross-platform functionality between mobile and browser. And the browser versions were converted to HTML5, ahead of Adobe discontinuing Flash.

Our cross-platform approach allows us, especially on browser, to capitalize on strong margins. Simultaneously, we are enjoying high growth rates on mobile,”

Hendrik Klindworth, CEO at InnoGames

InnoGames began as an amateur project in 2003. Officially, it was founded in 2007. Two years ago, Sweden’s Modern Times Group (MTG) gained control over 51% of the company.