Apple Arcade will not be the only Netflix-like gaming platform hitting iOS this year. GameClub, a preservation project reviving old premium games, will launch as a subscription service.

Back in May, GameClub announced its plans to re-release more than 50 classic titles on current devices, playable without IAP and ads. To that end, the startup raised $2.5 million and began testing various monetization models.

The company ended up adopting the same business model as Apple Arcade. The modernized games will be exclusive to the platform, available via subscription. Each week, a new retro game, playable offline, will appear in the catalogue. Players who owned the game before will be able to download updates and continue playing it for free, according to Pocket Gamer .

The price of the GameClub subscription is yet to be announced, but it will want to be close to or less than Apple Arcade’s $4.99 a month.

Apple’s platform is launching September 19th. GameClub will arrive later this fall.

Right now GameClub is available in early access with 35 games available for free.