Sensor Tower analyzed 100 top publishers by game revenue on App Store and Google Play. In Q1 2019, App Store game publishers grossed 48 percent more than their counterparts on Google Play.

The combined revenue of the highest-earning publishers across both platforms in the last quarter was $114.5 million. Top 100 iOS games brought in $70.3 million against $48 million earned by top Android titles.

The findings confirm that App Store is still the leading platform in terms of revenue.

Sensor Tower also looked at consumer spending on top 100 apps, both gaming and non-gaming:

  • 100 highest-earning publishers saw a combined average income of $130.4 million in Q1. iOS apps generated $83.8 million, while Android apps brought in $51 million.
  • On average, top 100 iOS app publishers earned 64 percent more that the app makers of top 100 Android apps.
  • In general, over the past five years, the total income of app publishers has been steadily growing. The income of the top 100 App Store publishers grew by 291 percent. On Google Play, there was a 289 percent growth.