With the help and favor of SteamSpy, statistical service owned by Sergey Galenkin, we begin publishing a regular chart of products appearing on Valve’s digital distribution platform – Top 10 Trending Steam Games.


Image Credit: Starbound

SteamSpy rates trending games based not only on their sales but also references in mass media and on streaming platforms. As Galenkin specified earlier in his blog, SteamSpy shows data collected within last three days.


Currently, the most part of Steam’s audience is interested in Starbound from Chucklefish Games. The title has been released recently after almost three years of beta, while the developers, also recently, have published an indie title Stardew Valley (which was a total success, grossing a million purchases in two months). Thanks to Steam Early Access, over two million copies of Starbound have been sold as of now.

The second prize goes to another sandbox game – RimWorld. This minimalistic colony building project set in a border world has been in early access for two weeks, which was enough to have drawn the attention of media and streamers. It was a commercial breakthrough, too: 160 thousand purchases is quite a decent result for an indie project.

Another sales champion of indie origin is Poly Bridge by Dry Cactus – a puzzle where players have to build complex bridges to perform various tasks. It was third in the trending top some time ago, but now it is only eighth. Dry Cactus have sold 190 thousand copies of Poly Bridge in the span of two weeks.

Other trending projects of this top could not pass the 50 thousand purchases threshold. For example, a weird neon bright slasher Furi with boss fighting gameplay barely made it to 15,000. Perhaps, $24 is too much for an indie title. However, RimWorld costs even more.

Interestingly, there is much hype around the Steam launch of Ironhide Game Studio’s Kingdom Rush Frontiers, which was released three years ago as a mobile game.