Songs of Conquest, the spiritual successor to the Heroes of Might and Magic III, has reached a new milestone a week after its 1.0 launch. And developer Lavapotion already has many plans for the game’s further support.

Songs of Conquest hits 500k copies sold, developer Lavapotion reveals

Lavapotion shared the news in a blog post on Steam, saying that Songs of Conquest has surpassed 500k units sold. It took the game two years from its Early Access launch in May 2022 to reach this impressive milestone.

“From the bottom of our hearts here at Lavapotion, thank you so much for believing in us and supporting our game, the reception of Songs of Conquest has completely blown us away,” lead game designer Carl Toftfelt said. “Thanks for making our dream come true.”

Songs of Conquest currently has a “Very Positive” (87%) rating on Steam based on nearly 7,000 reviews. Most of them were written during the EA period, so it is safe to assume that the game generated the lion’s share of its sales before the 1.0 launch.

During most of the Early Access period, Songs of Conquest had the base US price of $29.99. Taking into account regional pricing, many discounts, Steam’s 30% cut, and other factors, we can only guesstimate that the game’s lifetime revenue sits at around $5-6 million. But keep in mind that these are pretty rough calculations.

According to SteamDB, Songs of Conquest reached its peak of 4,192 concurrent players two years ago, right at the beginning of Early Access. The game couldn’t set a new record after the release of version 1.0, peaking at 3,068 CCU on May 20.

Lavapotion plans to continue developing Songs of Conquest, announcing two paid DLC coming out this year. In 2025, the studio will release the first major expansion, Bleak East, along with two new factions and other features.

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