Microsoft has finally commented on major leaks containing its old plans and other data related to its gaming business. Here is what Xbox head Phil Spencer has to say about the situation.

Phil Spencer calls Xbox leaks "disappointing", insists that Microsoft's plans changed from old docs

Phil Spencer, CEO at Microsoft Gaming (Image credit: Xbox On)

Spencer took to social media to address the leaks, saying that it is “hard to see our team’s work shared in this way because so much has changed.” He referred to the information as “old emails and documents,” adding that Microsoft will share its “real plans” for Xbox and its gaming business when it is ready.

The Verge also obtained a copy of an internal memo that Spencer sent to Microsoft employees. While essentially the same as his public statement, it is still more detailed.

“I know this is disappointing, even if many of the documents are well over a year old and our plans have evolved,” the memo reads. “I also know we all take the confidentiality of our plans and our partners’ information very seriously. This leak obviously is not us living up to that expectation. We will learn from what happened and be better going forward.”

Spencer also urged employees to stay focused on “what we can control” — specifically the successful launch of Starfield and the upcoming release of Forza Motorsport.

A handful of unredacted confidential documents were accidently submitted to the court as part of the FTC v. Microsoft case. They contained a bunch of previously undisclosed information about Xbox, including the company’s plans for the upgraded versions of consoles, M&A discussions (Valve and Nintendo were considered as potential targets in 2020), a roadmap for Bethesda releases, and internal cost estimates of adding third-party games to Game Pass ($300M for Jedi Survivor, $5 million for Baldur’s Gate 3, etc.).

Interestingly, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corle later confirmed that Microsoft itself (not the FTC) accidently leaked confidential Xbox documents.

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