Bethesda parent company ZeniMax has a new subsidiary in Europe. According to third-party sources, it has acquired Hungurian studio Nemesys Games, known for its work on The Elder Scrolls Online.

ZeniMax appears to have acquired Hungarian studio Nemesys Games

Twitter user Timur222 was the first to notice information about ZeniMax’s new European subsidiary. The company registered ZeniMax Online Studios Hungary in Budapest last year, although it never publicly announced it.

However, numerous data indirectly confirm that the new subsidiary is built on Nemesys Games, which ZeniMax seems to have acquired. For example, Riot Games’ Jeremy Lecus congratulated the studio and its management on becoming ZeniMax Online Studios Hungary.

This month, Nemesys founder Szabolcs Jozsa also became the CEO of ZeniMax Online Studios Hungary, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Founded in 2005, Nemesys Games employs around 50 people and focuses on outsourcing and co-development. It has contributed to many games in various genres, including The Elder Scrolls Online. In October 2022, the studio officially became the co-dev partner of ZeniMax Online Studios, adding that it has been working on some “unannounced projects”.

ZeniMax Online Studios was established in 2007 to make MMO titles. It is the main team behind TES Online, responsible for its support and further development. With the Nemesys acquisition, the company will get additional help from experienced devs already familiar with the game.

As for those “unannounced projects”, ZeniMax Online is now working on its next AAA title. But details about it remain undisclosed.

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