WN Media Group has shared the results of its latest conference, which took place November 23-24 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Here is some data about the attendees and games showcased during the event.

Tel Aviv, Image Credit: Chasdai Evers

How many companies attended the conference?

According to official data, 545 gaming companies participated in WN Tel Aviv’22. Game developers accounted for 52% of the total attendees, followed by advertising companies (19%) and publishers (16%).

34% of companies are officially based in Europe. The two other large groups are companies from MENA (27%) and North America (16%).

How many people visited the event on-site?

Of the 1,086 attendees, 54% were C-level professionals. It is more than participants involved in game development (17%), business development & sales (13%), and marketing & PR (13%) combined.

People from MENA (56%) and Europe (26%) made up the vast majority of all attendees. In total, the conference was visited by games industry professionals from 58 countries.

WN Developer Showcase

128 games were presented at a special developer showcase. 68% of them were built with Unity. The combined share of Unreal Engine projects was 24%.

The top-5 genres were Action (23%), Adventure (22%), Puzzle (22%), Roguelike (15%), and Platformer (14%). It is worth noting that 65% of all showcased games were made for PC.

What does WN Media Group have to say about the event?

“Tel Aviv is one of the main IT hubs in the MENA region,” Julia Lebedeva, COO and partner at WN Media Group, said in a statement. “It is home to hundreds of tech companies, including the undisputed market leaders. So we have long wanted to hold an event here, bringing together the strongest local community under one roof.”

“Israel was another new country for us,” she added. “WN Tel Aviv’22 has become one of the biggest and most successful events in the last 12 months. So we plan to return to Israel next year.”

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