ironSource has set a date for a shareholder vote on Unity’s proposed acquisition of the company. This came just a few weeks after Unity decided to reject AppLovin’s offer.

As reported by Seeking Alpha, a new filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicates that ironSource shareholders will be able to vote on the deal on October 3. 

It was also revealed that an Israeli regulator has already approved the acquisition. However, the SEC is yet to review and clear the deal.

Unity announced its intent to merge with ironSource in a $4.4 billion deal. After that, another app marketing platform AppLovin made an offer to acquire Unity for $17.5 billion. However, the game software development company eventually rejected the offer, which required the termination of the ironSource deal, saying it was “not in the best interests of Unity shareholders.”

An industry expert also claimed that there is a 50-75% chance that AppLovin comes back with an improved offer for Unity, though the company hasn’t made any official comments yet.

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