Capcom has announced that the remake of Resident Evil 2 has surpassed 10 million units sold worldwide since its launch in January 2019. The game has now become one of the highest-grossing titles in the company’s catalog.

The Japanese publisher shared the news on July 14. Capcom cited a “flexible pricing strategy” as the main driver of digital sales.

On top of that, the company noted that other Resident Evil-related products helped boost the game’s popularity, including the latest Netflix series. The TV show, which premiered today, however, received mixed reviews from critics.

There are only two other Capcom games that sold more units, Monster Hunter: World (18 million) and Resident Evil 7 (10.8 million). The list of the so-called “Platinum Titles” also includes Resident Evil 5 (8.2 million), Devil May Cry 5 (5 million), and Monster Hunter Rise (10 million), which reached the 10 million milestone last week.

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