Celebrating its 21st anniversary, developer and publisher Miniclip has decided to move away from its web gaming platform. The company will close most titles available on its website to focus on mobile.

Launched in 2001, Miniclip.com became a foundation for the company’s growth and helped it reach a global audience of 250 million monthly active users. In 2010, it started its expansion into mobile, making this direction its primary focus today.

8 Ball Pool and Agar.io are the only two web games to remain available on Miniclip’s website. 

“It’s impossible to sum up the pride and gratitude I feel seeing how much we have grown since our humble start,” Miniclip co-founder Robert Small stated. “Under the fresh leadership of [Saad Choudri] as CEO, Miniclip has an even brighter future ahead of it as we maintain our mobile focus, and our players around the world will have so much to look forward to.”

Last month, Miniclip surpassed 4 billion downloads across its gaming portfolio. The company currently operates 60 games, including Baseball Clash, Golf Battle, Football Strike, Agar.io, and 8 Ball Pool.

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