Trovo, a streaming platform owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent, has seen a surge in new users over the last month. This is due to Russian language content creators leaving Twitch in the wake of international sanctions.

The number of active Russian language streamers on Trovo has increased by 446% — from 1600 to 9200 — since February 24, according to new research by data analytics provider Stream Hatchet.

Meanwhile, the number of Russian content creators on Twitch dropped from 43k to 31k during the same period, which represents a 28% decrease.

This migration happened after Twitch suspended all payouts to streamers from Russia in accordance with international sanctions imposed on the country after it sent troops to Ukraine. It made many content creators, especially the smaller one, look for alternative platforms to monetize their channels.

Hundreds of global companies have already suspended their operations in Russia. The list of game developers and publishers that put their business in the country on hold includes CD Projekt RED, Valve, GSC Game World, Niantic, SEGA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Activision Blizzard.

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