Kevuru Games, an outsource studio based in Ukraine, has cut ties with clients from Russia. It also fired employees who “expressed a neutral position or supported Russia” in the wake of the latest events.

The company made an announcement on Facebook on March 1.

Kevuru Games attached a picture, saying “Russian clients, go f*** yourself.” It also said that it stops all business relationships with Russia, urging other companies to cut ties with the country to “leave the aggressor in complete isolation on all sides.”

“Employees expressing neutral position or supporting Russia are automatically fired without pay,” the statement read (this part later disappeared from the edited version). “These funds will go to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

As the company later pointed out in working chats (via DTF), it will continue to work with Russian and Belarusian employees who don’t support their local regimes and are ready to emigrate because “Kevuru doesn’t support discrimination based on nationality and language.” Those who don’t have a will or an opportunity to leave their country will be eventually fired with pay.

The exact number of employees that have already been laid off is unknown. According to, at least two dozen people from Russia and Belarus have been fired.

Kevuru Games is a Kyiv-based studio, which produces art for video games. Its portfolio includes titles like Fortnite and Monster Legends.

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