Apple has humbly extended privacy restrictions for third-party apps to its own products. On iOS 15, App Store and Apple News will now ask users for permission to access personal data used for targeted ads.

Previously, Apple collected all the necessary data by default, 9to5mac reports. Users could opt out, but the on/off toggle was hidden deep in the Settings.

Now, however, when opening the App Store on iOS 15, a notification pops up explicitly requesting user’s consent to enable “Personalized Ads” based on App Store purchase history and other data.

Apple’s clearly reacting to the mounting pressure from antitrust regulators across the globe. In France, for example, the company is being investigated for keeping users “insufficiently informed about the use of processing of its personal data.”

Back in April, Apple prohibited third-party developers from tracking personal information without the user’s consent. Starting with the release of iOS 14.5, developers had to request to use IDFA . However, Apple itself was not affected by this restriction.

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