Google is now looking for new ways to attract more developers to its cloud-gaming platform Stadia. That’s why the company will introduce an 85/15 revenue split for new games. However, this rate will only apply to the first $3 million in sales.

The company shared the news during its latest Google for Games Summit, according to

  • The rules will apply only to games released on Stadia from October 1. Developers of titles that have been already launched on the platform will still have to pay Google 30% of sales revenue.
  • It’s worth noting that developers will get a chance to get 85% of revenue only from the first $3 million earned from selling a game on Stadia.
  • This program will end in late 2023. After that, Google will return to its traditional 70/30 split.

On top of that, Google also introduced a new strategy for Stadia Pro, which lets users play games from a library in exchange for a monthly fee. Starting at the end of July, all developers will be able to get a share of the money generated by the subscription service.

Google will split 70% of Stadia Pro’s monthly revenue between developers. The amount of share will be determined by the number of “session days” players have spent in games. Interestingly, if a user launches a Stadia game two or more times a day, it will still count as one session day.

Developers who partner with Google Stadia will also be able to get $10 for each new user converted to a paid subscriber. The initiative will start in the first half of 2022.

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