Electronic Arts decided to test a new way players interact with loot boxes in the FIFA series. The company now lets users preview packs before buying them as part of a new time-limited event. However, it has some restrictions.

EA shared the news on its official blog, saying that the new “preview packs” system will be available during the Festival of FUTball. It’s a time-limited event that will last until July 16. After that, the company will return standard loot boxes to FIFA.

Usually, players can see what’s inside the packs only after they buy them. The so-called “preview packs” allow you to look at the cards beforehand. The thing is that if you don’t like the pack and don’t want to buy it, you have to wait 24 hours before the timer expires and a new pack appears.

The Ultimate Team mode is especially important for Electronic Arts’ financial results. Last year, the company earned $1.62 billion from loot boxes, which accounts for 29% of the publisher’s total revenue.

EA has also been widely criticized for its monetization policy. An internal document published in April suggested that the company encouraged players to spend more money on these packs. More countries now try to find ways to regulate or potentially ban loot boxes.

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