Sony plans to significantly expand subscribers of its online and mobile services. The company will spend more than $18 billion on strategic investments in this area.

Sony will allocate ¥2 trillion (around $18,39 billion) to fulfill this goal over the next three years, according to Reuters. It should help increase the number of subscribers of its services from 160 million to 1 billion users.

The Japanese company wants to focus more on developing its entertainment, which includes movies and, of course, video games. For example, Sony will make gaming more social, and the company’s recent investment in Discord (it will be integrated into PS Network next year) is a step in this direction.

A global shortage of chips also affected Sony’s plans, as it can’t fully meet the demand for PlayStation 5. That’s why the company has to encourage digital sales and sign-ups for its subscription services like PlayStation Plus (the number of subscribers grew to 47.6 million last year).

This strategy will also include investments in new studios and IPs, which should help Sony ship 14.8 million PlayStation 5 consoles during a new fiscal year (ending March 31, 2022).

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