The day after announcing an internal restructure Konami decided to elaborate on its purpose. The company assures it won’t impact the development of future projects.

Konami said it’s making a reorganization in an announcement to investors. The company is about to dissolve three Production Divisions. It led to some people thinking Konami decided to shut down its game production entirely.

Later, Konami clarified the announcement in a statement to IGN. The representative said that Production Divisions are being consolidated, which doesn’t mean the company is about to stop making games. 

Konami explained that those divisions supervised the Production Departments, which develop games. “The Production Departments will report directly to upper management, allowing them to respond quickly to the market,” said the spokesperson.

Konami set up a division to publish games from Western developers last year. The company is now working on PES 2022 for next-gen consoles.