Activision Blizzard is planning further layoffs. This time, they will affect the company’s APAC teams.

Over 100 employees from the marketing, PR, publishing, customer care and localisation teams are reportedly being made redundant. This is according MCV UK‘s anonymous source.

The source further claims that “the company was transitioning its non-development workforce to a full outsourcing setup.” “Activision’s part of the company doesn’t believe in community management and fandom,” the source adds. “They think their games sell themselves. They’d rather pop a couple of millions on having Beyonce tweet about CoD than hire a bunch of good people.”

Apparently, Activision Blizzard has been outsourcing non-development operations for a while now, especially in PR and customer care.

This is happening as the company plans to hire more than 2,000 people. All of them will likely be directly involved in development.