HTML5 Game Developer Day will be held on July 7. It’s an event focused on the creation of HTML5 games. Speakers include representatives of CocosSnapFacebookSoftGamesCoolGames, and other companies.


Why HTML5?

HTML5 remains a relevant tech for mobile and browser games. Games for social networks and platforms like Facebook Instant Games are exclusively HTML5.

In response to continued demand from platforms and ongoing interest from developers, WN Media Group decided to run a free one-day event on HTML5.

It will be held on July 7. At the event, devs will be able to find publishers, investors or partners, get professional feedback, and establish or strengthen relations with platforms and engines.

Important: developers will also be able to submit their project to a virtual exhibition as part of the event. It will be easier for publishers and platforms to notice them there.

Speakers and talks

There is going to be one track of lectures. The schedule is yet to be published, but some speakers have been announced already. Among them:

Huabin Ling — Technical Director of 3D Engine Department at Cocos. He’ll give a talk about 3D game development using Cocos2d-x and Cocos Creator.

Evgeny Polotnyanko — Head of Gaming Platform at OK.RU, which has been actively publishing HTML5 games lately.

Pedro Rodrigues — Head of EMEA Games Partnerships & Strategy at Snap Inc. Pedro scouts for new projects for Snapchat‘s gaming platform.

Laurens Rutten — Founder and CEO of CoolGames, which solely focuses on HTML5 titles. The company, among other achievements, launched games for mobile messengers in Asia.

Other talks are expected from MojiworksFacebookSoftGamesBlack SnowflakeWeQ Influencers. New speakers will be revealed soon.

Games Cup 2020

Do you have a great HTML5 game? Do you think it deserves recognition? Apply for the Games Cup 2020, the third annual tournament for game developers of HTML5 mobile games! The prize fund is $30,000.

There will be several nominations, including best art, best scenario, best hypercasual game, and more. The winner in each category will receive not only money, but also downloads!

To participate in the Games Cup 2020, please fill this form before September 15, 2020.

The tournament is organised by social networks, VK, Moi Mir (My World) and the Group IT Championships. Please note that you will have to provide a link to your game or its beta on any of the three social networks gaming platforms.