Valve has refined Steam Search. New filters were added, allowing you, for example, to filter out titles that you are already familiar with.

The news was posted on the Steam blog . Here’s what’s different:

  • A filter by price tags and discounts has appeared. You can search for discounted games (this is especially convenient during sales), as well as specify your maximum budget.

  • You can now block games you already own from appearing in the search results. You can also hide games that you ignored or wishlisted.

  • Searching by tags has improved. You can immediately see how many games are tagged, for example, “horror” or whatever genre you might be interested in. You can also exclude tags from the search results to avoid seeing irrelevant games.

  • Your favorite tags, by contrast, will allow Steam to sort the search results by relevance. Potentially interesting titles will be shown first regardless of their popularity.
  • You can exclude VR-only games from the search if you do not have a headset. This will not stop Steam from returning the results that are simply VR-supported.

  • For non-English-speaking Steam users, their language will now be displayed first in the language selection control.

  • Another novelty is infinite scroll. Clicking through pages on Steam has become optional. When you select infinite scroll in the settings, the results will be loaded automatically. The user can view any game from the endless list and then click the “Back” button, which will return them to the exact same place on the search page.

Recently Valve has been working hard to improve visibility on Steam. In 2019, the store got an updated design and and launched Steam Labs to test experimental features.