Analytics platform Apptica has released a report on UA trends in the mobile market. The paper specifically looks at soft-launch.


As UA costs contine to climb in popular soft-launch countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Apptica recommends considering the following territories that can help you save on testing:

  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia and Egypt are now among the fastest growing markets for hyper-casual and midcore categories;
  • Latin America: Brazil ranks fourth globally in terms of growth in hyper-casual, casual, midcore and hardcore categories, as well as social casinos;
  • The Netherlands: Today, many publishers soft-launch in this region for three reasons: user behavior here is similar to that in the US, most of the population speak English, while advertising is cheaper that in, say, Canada.

Apptica expects that by the end of 2020, the Netherlands will rank higher in the top soft-launch countires. This also applies to Singapore, Russia and South Korea.