In April, players spent $ 8.86 billion on digital copies of console, desktop and mobile games. That’s a 7% increase from April 2018.

The figure was shared by SuperData.

Spending on console titles made up for the relatively weak sales on PC. The console segment showed the fastest growth: console spend increased by 17% from April last year.

At the same time, digital sales of PC-games fell by 4% compared to April 2018. This downturn is not as significant as the one in March of this year, when the digital PC market fell immediately by 23%.

SuperData report gives no information on how the mobile segment performed in April.

There are some changes among the top grossing titles for the past month. Apex Legends left the top 10 of PC console games. Its revenue has been decreasing for the second consecutive month. In April, it brough in $24 million – it is only a quarter of the game’s revenue in the month of its release.

In addition, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2‘s rating plummeted in the console segment. A month before, the title held the top position.

The SuperData analysts separately commented on the success of Mortal Kombat 11. The game, released in late April, was the best digital launch in the history of the franchise. Sales on PC and consoles reached 1.8 million copies. For comparison: sales of Mortal Kombat X in its first month amounted to 400 thousand copies.