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SuperData: “AAA publishers are doing just fine without E3”

With no E3 this year, platform holders and Ubisoft still generated massive viewership numbers on Twitch. In fact, “decentralized announcement events” that big companies had to run this year brought more viewers than E3 2019 did. This is according to Carter Rogers, Principal Analyst at SuperData.

Sony, for one, saw their June 11 PlayStation 5 reveal watched by 1.5 million people, while the recent Xbox E3 2019 briefing was watched by 0.9 viewers.

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Rough day for E3 2020 as it leaks its own website and loses Geoff Keighley

A draft version of E3 2020 went live yesterday and was quickly made private. No sensitive information was made public, but this could just be one embarrassment too many for the ESA, E3 organizer, which leaked personal data of about 2000 E3 participants last summer. Anyway, this latest blunder was serious enough for Geoff Keighley to decide not to participate in E3 for the first time in 25 years.

E3 2020 draft website before getting password-protected

“Given what has been publicly communicated about plans for E3 2020,