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Developers concerned over Google Play Pass royalty system

Following the launch of its mobile subscription service, Google said: “Developers earn a royalty that incorporates time subscribers spend in their app and captures how users value all types of content (from weather apps to epic endless runners).” That language alerted some developers as it seemingly resembles how Spotify and the likes of it pay artists. Under the pay-per-stream model used by Spotify, musicians get paid based on how many plays their songs gets. So they are financially incentivized to create shorter,


Fragmented reality of Android market in China

You might have already sensed from our earlier posts that publishing and monetizing your game in China is no walk in the park. But compliance with the local regulations is not the only challenge to overcome. Even if your game is approved, you still have to navigate China’s fragmented mobile market.

With Android devices accounting for 70 percent of the market, you would think you could easily tap into the country’s 700 million smartphone users by releasing your game on Google Play.