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2020 in video games: 11 bit studios’ Konrad Adamczewski on remote work, double-edged swords, and major game releases

With 2020 hopefully coming to a close (unless it gets pushed back or something), we have reached out to indie devs and publishers to find out how they fared amid these challenging times. Turns out, pretty well! At least as far as Poland’s 11 bit studios is concerned. Here’s what Konrad Adamczewski, PR Specialist at 11 bit studios, has got to say:

Konrad Adamczewski, PR Specialist at 11 bit studios

How did 2020 treat the company?
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11 Bit Studios working on seven games

11 Bit Studios is investing over $21 million in the production of seven new titles.

$6.3 million is being commited to four games that 11 Bit Studios is publishing:

Project Vitriol by Fool’s Theory, Project Botin and Project Foxhole from Digital Sun Games (the studio behind Moonlighter), and another title co-developed by Chibig and Inverge Studios.

Another $15.1 million will be spent on the development of three first-party titles.

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This War of Mine to be included in school reading list in Poland

Video games are doing great in Poland. There are around 400 developers and publishers in the country, with CD Projekt currently being the most valuable video game company in Europe.

But now the Polish government is upping this game still further.

A survival title This War of Mine from another Plolish star developer 11 bit studios will now be included in the optional school reading list.

As reported by Radio Krakow,