All publications for 07.09.2020


Analysts on Chinese market: “Female-oriented games can be a gold mine that is waiting to be discovered”

In China, there are around 300 million female gamers, according to the 2019 China Gaming Industry Report. It is over 46 percent of the country’s entire population of gamers. However, the market is dominated by the likes of Honour of Kings, designed with a male audience in mind. With this “traditional” gaming market getting saturated, games for female players might just be the next big thing.


Russia steps up pressure on Apple

Anton Gorelkin, member of Russia’s State Duma Committee on Information Policy, asked Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation to look into yet another policy of Apple’s App Store.

According to Gorelkin, he received multiple complaints from Russian developers that Apple does not allow them to create a developer account in the App Store. Without it, it’s impossible to publish an app in the store.

What’s the problem?

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