Rich Stanton, Editor-in-chief at Kotaku UK, announced the site’s closure.

“Kotaku US is run by G/O Media, with Future Publishing licensing out the brand and content for the UK site,” Stanton wrote today. “Unfortunately Future has decided not to renew the license when it expires on Wednesday 9th September, meaning the end of the current incarnation of Kotaku UK.”

While the current staff has been let go, the closure does not mean that a localized version of Kotaku will cease to exist in the UK. The rights will now revert back to G/O Media this week, which might continue to operate Kotaku UK in some way or another. Or not. After all, G/O Media hasn’t been very good at keeping staff at their US-based properties, including Kotaku. In April 2020, Jason Schreier left Kotaku after eight years with the website. He cited G/O Media’s stance on investigative journalism as the reason for his departure.

Kotaku UK has been around since September 2014.